7 Richest cities in the world

New York City, USA: With a nominal GDP exceeding $2.5 trillion, New York City is a major financial center and home to diverse industries, including finance, technology, fashion, and media.

Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo boasts a GDP of approximately $2.06 trillion and is a hub for finance, technology, and commerce.

Valley (Silicon Bay Area), California, USA: Known for its tech giants, the Bay Area contributes significantly to the global tech industry.

London, United Kingdom: London’s GDP stands at around $978 billion, driven by finance, professional services, and cultural sectors.

Singapore:  A thriving financial and trade hub, Singapore’s GDP is approximately $934 billion.

Los Angeles, California, USA: LA’s diverse economy spans entertainment, technology, tourism, and more, with a GDP of about $1.13 trillion.

Hong Kong: A major financial center, Hong Kong’s GDP is substantial, hosting numerous multinational corporations.