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India Year Book 2022 Pdf Download
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India Year Book Pdf Download

India Year
Book PDF Download — Hey, everybody, In this article, we are going to share one
of the most sought-after books which are the India Year Book PDF. You can get
all facts updated inside the India Year Book PDF. We have provided a download
link for the 2021 India year book pdf in Google Drive. Here, we are going to
attempt to give you a free pdf of India Year Book 2021 pdf for the candidates. You
can download the book and 2021 author PDF by clicking the download link given below.

In this
article, we will give you an updated list of important books & authors 2021
PDF. Hello aspirants, Today, we are going to give you the Best Current Affairs
eBooks in the year 2019 in PDF format. If you are looking for Download
Monthly Compilation PDF for January-December 2019 Current Affairs in English,
We have updated the direct download links below. Current Affairs Yearbook India
2021 contains 2,250+ selected MCQs covering the period from January to December

The sections
on General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Sports, and Important Notes are
must-reads to gain comprehensive knowledge. The General Knowledge Section
Making good use of its authenticity in data and facts, the Indian Yearbook 2019
PDF download is a valuable resource for students, researchers, and academics.
Every year, thousands of students avail the free download India Year Book 2019
PDF for improving their knowledge about general knowledge and current affairs. This
chapter is an extremely important chapter of India Yearbook 2019 Free PDF
download both in terms of Preliminary exam and Main Examination, which requires
detailed analysis. This chapter explains about security scenario of a country,
defense activities, training of defense personnel, etc. Direct questions are
expected from this chapter both prelims and mains exams.


If we speak
of the reason for India 2022 yearbook being important, an analysis has shown
that each year about 10 to 15 questions are asked from this book in the civil
services preliminary examination, mostly related to schemes and policies of the government. If you analyze previous years’ question papers for the UPSC Civil
Services Prelims examination, it is evident that about 10-15 questions are asked
from this book, which are mostly related to schemes and policies initiated by the Government of India. This book is the only one that covers all the required
information regarding the different schemes and policies initiated by
Government, which is highly beneficial to Civil Service exams for both prelims
and mains, in writing the descriptive answers. This book may also be used as a reference by researchers, media, and reputed publications.

If you have
any queries regarding this PDF book, you can ask us via the comments section.
Friends, if you want any E-Book PDF related to any topics or subjects, and you
want any help and query related to exams, you can comment below.

These pdf
notes may come in handy for students who are studying for UPSC, MPPSC, UPTSC,
RPSC, CGPSC, and other government services exams. In this connection, the
website All PDF Notes has put together the pdf of the India 2022 yearbook which is
helpful to every applicant who is preparing for the All-State & Central
government jobs. The India Year Book 2022 is available to download free of cost
as a PDF that helps UPSC and other State PSC candidates in preparing the Current
Affairs Section. India 2022 Year Book is an annual book published by Public
Department, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Department of Information
and Broadcasting, This book is published annually by the Government of India.

Year Book 2021 Pdf Download


India Year
Book 2022 is made up of the progress of social and economic sectors in the
preceding year, all events which took place during the past 12 months that
affected national life, cultural activities taking place all over the country,
biographies of notable personalities, and major events. The book covers the
ongoing affairs of India, including notable dignitaries, government policies,
government schemes, and significant data related to demography, commerce,
economy, and others. The book is published annually and updates all data
related to developments in the country at regular intervals. The contents of
the book were collected from various ministries/departments of the Government of
India, as well as from other Government organizations, in 2015, by the New Media Wing,
Department of Information and Broadcasting.

Large tables
may not be fully displayed in Adobe Digital Editions. DISCLAIMER This eBook is
a faithful replica of the printed India-2016 published by the Publications
Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Ministry of Information
& Broadcasting. Every year, the Publications Division, under the Ministry of
Information and Broadcasting, releases a book — which is popularly known as
India Annual 2017, India Annual 2018, and just days ago, launched India Annual
2019 (available in Hindi|English). India Yearbook is published by the New India
Wing Publications, which is a government-run publishing house.

Yearbook is an extremely important PDF that covers the events and happenings
in India throughout the entire year. In the same spirit, today, we are going to
share the India Yearbook 2018 PDF that contains all the information of 2018,
like how many jobs were introduced in various fields, agricultural aid, medical
aid, infrastructure development, economic policies, population, labor, budget,
relations with other developed countries, etc. Information on sports, national
events, and international events that are relevant to the country are also
presented in this book.

In the PDF
provided below, we have attached photos of book covers featuring their authors.
Here, we share a few questions and answers, depending on the books and the
authors who wrote them. We do not own all of the PDF books available on our
site, and have neither created them nor have they been scanned.

Apart from
being the most trusted source for information and knowledge on the workings of the Indian government, these books are considered the bible for facts and
figures to be studied by those who appear in UPSC conducted exams, whether it
is the Civil Service Examinations (IAS, IPS, etc.)


Year Book Pdf Download

India Yearly Book PDF Download.

Year Book Bengali 2022 PDF

Year Book 2017 PDF

Year Book 2018 PDF

Year Book 2019 PDF

Year Book 2020 PDF

Year Book 2021 PDF

Year Book 2022 PDF



India Year
Book Pdf Download


In the year
of 1998, the book “India Year Book” by Gopal Bhat was published in that year.
It has a number of stories, pictures and videos to tell about India, its
geography and history. The first edition of this book had been written under
the name “India Year Book – Historical Sketchbook”. But after years later, it
got re-published with some new pages and photographs added in this series. This
is a comprehensive and exhaustive report on most important Indian historical
places and issues, which covers everything from political and social to
cultural issues. At the end of all these chapters are a vast list of resources
for more research and information about different aspects of the country like
ancient monuments, tourist spots, wildlife sanctuaries, and various other


Download India year Book

The main
purpose of writing this article is to share the link to this wonderful work. I
hope you find this page useful and interesting to you in your studies about
the topic. So let’s get started!


India’s Year
Book, A Comprehensive Guide to Study & Research India. Published in 1999. |
1st Edition (1,000 Pages) in Hindi


Introduction to India by Sir George Grey, An International Journal of World
Politics Vol. 1 No. 3 (March 1991) ISSN 2104-4121 Available at:


India is
divided into seven geographical regions and each region is not only home to
its own history but also to its culture, traditions, and environment. However,
there are many differences between them, especially when it comes to the
cultural, historic, religious, architectural and legal systems, economy,
politics, industry, etc. To explore the great diversity of the Indian subcontinent
is impossible without knowing their rich culture and background. Here we will
try to cover all Indian subcontinent in three parts: North East India (where
Delhi lies), Central Kerala (south of Delhi), and South Western India (where
Bangalore lies).


The second
part of the post is titled, Geographic History of India. Here we will discuss
several factors involved in building our nation. These include geography,
topography, climate, population and demography, historical events, trade, and
other factors. We can take an example from the north of India, from what
happened in 1919 in Kashmir, how Indira Gandhi became prime minister of India,
where the Hindustan Zinc Industry took off, how people got killed, and how democracy
spread across the whole of India in 1947, how women became respected as well as
how one man, Maharaj Kalam, got elected president of India. After this, the
third part of the post talks about the Geography of South Eastern India.


The fourth
chapter of this article is based on the study of Ancient Monuments. Most of
these monuments were built during very old times. Then we will try to
understand why these are so prominent among the oldest monument. Let us study
two prominent examples of stone structures, Jaisalmer Temples (built-in
15th Century AD) and Jai Shree Mahal (built in 1703 AD). In the last part of
the article, we will see how the same temples have undergone a lot of changes to
become one big heritage complex. This is called Heritage Conservation (HCC).
Now with HCC, we can talk about planning and architecture (better known as
Planning). Some cities are located near these monoliths too.


The fifth
section of the article deals with the Historic Places of Sri Lanka. Many Tamil
Nadu villages are surrounded by these statues of Lord Buddha. They are
fascinating sculptures that tell us about the life and tradition of this place and the people living in the area. There will be more discussion in this section. The
sixth section talks about Cultural Heritage in the form of Sculptures. Even
though they are a bit small, they show us a sense of unity among the people.
For such artworks, we must respect their cultural heritage. This can’t be done
if we don’t know about the people who made them. Also, we can look into Hindu
sculptures of Ashoka, Ramayana Siddhanta, and Laxmi Siddhanta. And finally, the
seventh part of the article is dedicated to Architectural Heritage. How much do
buildings tell about a specific community? We can see examples here, like the
Taj Mahal. How do they stand out among others? What kind of legacy do these
buildings leave behind? Why have those buildings been used until now in South Asia,
and not just in India? Another important question is about Muslim
Architecture in India. We can look at some mosques in Afghanistan, UAE, Iraq, and Pakistan or some of the Muslim architecture in Europe. These examples are not so
old, they show how Muslim architects brought Islam, their faith, and the idea of
peace to the world.


So, you
might wonder, why is India so beautiful? When I was researching the topic and
making my notes I came to know about the famous words of the Indian poet
Kalidasa, “If you look deep inside, you will find the light that can guide
you.” Hope you enjoy this story and can get inspired as well!


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